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Billy and Breda are married and living in an Irish Midlands town. Billy is obsessed with local girl, Imelda Egan; Breda has recently lost weight in an attempt to save their marriage. Eden is the story of their weekend. We are teaming up with Phizzfest to bring top-class theatre right into the community featuring collaborations with leading Irish writers and award-winning actors. The Bohemian Theatre, a new pop-up theatre experience, will open its doors for a limited run of 3 NIGHTS ONLY on the June Bank Holiday weekend.

Each performance will be followed by Phizzback - A Playback Theatre Experience created with the audience.

Directed by Jed Murray, starring Carolyn Bracken & Neill Fleming

For more information contact: 083 114 0841 or info@thecorpsensemble.com

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vital. visceral. vivid.

CORPS /kɔː/ (n.) from the Latin 'corpus' meaning 'body' : a division of an army dedicated to a particular type of work ; a body of people engaged in a particular type of work

The Corps Ensemble is a Dublin-based theatre production company rooted in concepts of play, connection, family, and craft. We are an ensemble dedicated to creative collaboration, bringing together Ireland's top actors, writers, directors, producers, designers, choreographers and more in the pursuit of creating challenging, evocative, and engaging theatre of the highest caliber.  



An integral part of our work is our ongoing workshops and open readings. We believe the key to creating challenging and relevant theatre is connecting with our audience and other artists to discover the best and most innovative methods to breathe life into the stories and voices that most need to be heard.

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