Cast Catch-Up: Toni O'Rourke

Welcome to the fourth in a five part series, Catch Catch-Up, where the wonderfully talented cast of BUG will be sharing their thoughts on the script, the rehearsal process, their characters, and everything in between.




So you read the play. You think. ‘My god this is a good play.’

You go to the read-through and you think ‘What a kick ass cast. These people know their sh*t. This is going to be fun.’

Then you show up to rehearsals.

Day One: you learn how to smoke a crack pipe.

Day Two: you learn what happens to you when you have successfully smoked a crack pipe. You spend countless hours researching crack addicts and studying their meerkat endearing qualities. What makes these people tick?

Next thing you know; a week has passed and you know exactly how to smoke a pipe without burning your thumb, you know how to make a cocaine envelope, all the while you are praying no one stumbles across your internet history.

The next few weeks will be spent debating whether or not to get cornrows and whether or not I should invite my granny to this production.

Characters are starting to take shape, the story is beginning to unfold and a beautiful chaotic piece of theatre is being created.

One thing is for sure – there is plenty of craic in this rehearsal room.