Cast Catch-Up: Mary Murray

Welcome to the final installation of our five part series, Catch Catch-Up, where the wonderfully talented cast of BUG has shared their thoughts on the script, the rehearsal process, their characters, and everything in between.



It's 9:30pm and I'm learning lines for act one, scene three. Then I remember that I agreed to write a piece for Corps Ensemble's Blog - and it's due for tomorrow! This is not convenient. There's only so many hours in the day and I really need to spend my time getting to grips with the script. Should I ask for an extension? No! If I don't deliver on this deadline, how can I possibly manage to tackle the beast that is 'Bug' by the opening in two weeks time? So here it is:

Why did I agree to get involved in this production?   When approached, I was informed that the playwright was Tracy Letts of 'August: Osage County' fame. I saw the movie version of this and at the time I remember thinking how incredibly dense the dialogue was. The characters were so well rounded and performed brilliantly by a spectacular cast. I could only imagine what it would be like to watch this particular drama unfold as a live theatre audience member. If this was his standard I had no doubt that 'Bug' was going to be a thrilling read. 

Why did I say yes?                                                                                                                              I fell in love with Agnes. I knew she'd be a huge challenge and a role worth playing, I checked out the members of the Corps Ensemble and their credentials. I noticed that they received rave reviews for their recent production of 'Made In China' by Mark O' Rowe. It was very obvious that they had fire in their bellies and a lot of talent. I also have a great fondness for the Viking Theatre. I performed my one woman show 'No Smoke Without Fire' here as well as 'Chancers' by Robert Massey. I thoroughly enjoyed both experiences, so that was a big selling point. Many theatres have lost their personalities. They tend to close the bars immediately and oust the audience members before the actors have time to change out of costume. I really hope they reverse this trend. I feel it's so important to meet the public afterwards, to hear their views and show our appreciation for their efforts.

My Approach                                                                                                                                       The Oklahoma accent was top of my agenda. Once I was satisfied that I had a good grasp on that, I needed to delve into the world of stimulants. It's not a area I knew a great deal about. As a Dubliner I'm cognizant of our nation's epidemic drug misuse. It's evident all across the capital city, but I was only aware of it at surface level. Until very recently I didn't know exactly how to smoke a crack pipe, I didn't know what freebase was, I didn't understand why people drank alcohol while snorting cocaine; I questioned how a particular individual could manage to sleep given the information I had acquired. So many questioned answered, so many more to ask, and there's only two weeks left, and I need to understand paranoia and delusion and psychosis and how close is Agnes to R.C. and what exactly went on in Sakaka, and I still have to find time to learn my lines!